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Become A Certified Clinical Sexual Health Professional

We are committed to providing a high standard in certified sexual health education.

Certified Clinical Sexual Health Education

Become a Certified Love Coach, as a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach, or as a Certified Master Sexpert

Our Most Comprehensive Course

If you want to launch a career as a Sexologist, Sexuality Coach, Sex Coach, Love Coach, Dating Coach, or an Intimacy Coach, you are in the right place! Perhaps you’ve considered helping people with love, sex, and relationships, as an add-on to your existing career as a physician, psychologist, counselor, nurse, teacher, etc.  If that’s you, you’ll want to enroll in our most comprehensive program to become a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach.

The Perfect Learning Addon

Perhaps you don’t want to open a business as a Sexuality Coach, but you do want to enhance the knowledge that you already have. Perhaps, you want to be the best lover, and/or compliment related products or businesses that you already have in place that are meant to educate others about sex and sexuality, without coaching. If so, then you’ll likely want to consider enrolling into our Certified Master Sexpert Training Program.

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Become a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach
Or, a Certified Master Sexpert

  • Invest in yourself & your career
  • Increase your knowledge base
  • Able to charge professional fees
  • Business planning assistance
  • Marketing strategies covered
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When you are a certified provider of The Dr. Rachael Institute, clients know that you have been trained by the very best. Certification reflects a level of knowledge and professionalism that tells the world that you are the right person for them to partner with for their sex, sexuality, and relationship needs. Invest in your future and discover the comprehensive course offered to prepare you for an exciting future helping others.


Whether you are considering Clinical Sexuality Coaching as an adjunct to services you already provide, or whether you plan to launch an altogether new venture. Each year this business affords sexologists new economic opportunities! Dr. Rachael provides extensive business building strategies within her monthly LIVE office hours open to all enrolled Clinical Sexuality Coaching Certification students.


I want you to build a business and not a new 9-5 for yourself. A business where you set your own hours, create multiple streams of income, and work literally from anywhere. When you look up and have helped saved a marriage, helped a person navigate through the dating world, coached an individual through their sexual trauma, or even coached someone to embrace their sexuality, it is literally the best feeling in the world!

Can you imagine…

waking up each morning excited because everyday you transform lives, all while financially living the life that you desire?

Once you become a certified love coach, a sexuality coach, or a sexpert, you will have a life where you make your own schedule and have more time to spend with your loved ones.

Plus, when you tell people what you do, they’ll lean in closer to figure out how they can get on your schedule.


Create a life where you…

transform the lives of others while you simultaneously transform yours.

Take one of our Certified training programs and become a Certified Love Coach, Clinical Sexuality Coach, or a Master Sexpert.

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